Chosen to be the accommodations of travelers based on its values for the trip instead of the room rates.
At HOTEL MIDCITY MYEONGDONG, the guests can fully enjoy a comfortable rest in the city center rather than merely staying over.

Situated in the hub of Seoul, Hotel Midcity Myeongdong is a space for businesspersons
and travelers both from Korea and overseas.
Thanks to its excellent accessibility to downtown Seoul and tourist attractions within the city from the hotel,
the guests can easily access their destination wherever it is with convenience.
Also, a safe trip to the hotel is guaranteed even if you arrive in a rather unfamiliar Seoul late at night.

The highly differentiated family room that you cannot easily find in any other place, carefully chosen amenities,
and other meticulously treated facilities and comfortable services prepared for our guests will recharge
your exhausted body and mind from your trip and business.

Da-dong of Seoul where Hotel Midcity Myeongdong is located has long been famous for its many stores of old standing.
It would be a great pleasure to discover the finest restaurants that are hidden in different places around the region.
At night, take your time to fully enjoy the wonderful and inspiring night view of the city.
Your stay at Hotel Midcity will help you experience an exciting and joyful trip every single day.

Thank you for choosing our hotel.
Wish you make precious memories in this energetic Seoul city with us, HOTEL MIDCITY MYEONGDONG,
who makes every moment a comfortable one for the guests and creates the best values through its excellent accessibility.


  • Year of

    Aug 2020

  • Grade


  • Floor

    9 ground floors,
    1 basement floor

  • Rooms

    140 rooms

  • Restaurants

    3 Alley
    Kyungyang Katsu
    Just Tendong
    Eulji Beer

  • Facilities

    Meeting Room
    Coin Laundry
    Business Zone

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